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About Me

I'm Shiran, the designer and owner of 'Lilies'. I'm 30 years old and started my business six years ago at age 24. I was young, full of dreams and had an urge to create something that I could call my own and express myself through.
At the time, I didn't study fashion or the textile industry but had an inner voice that told me I would learn it all along the way, and so it was.
Lilies was established in 2017 during my journey to the East. I'd been traveling on my own for quite some time, learning about different captivating cultures and places. As part of my travels, I’d visit small, authentic sewing workshops and make unique pieces that’d I’d wear daily. I found my true, inherent passion. In that moment, I decided to create my brand- Lilies.

Since then

I fly to India every year for at least a month to get inspired and create the special pieces you see here.
I've built a family for myself in India, just as important to me as my own at home. I work with small, local workshops and since I've started working with them, their number of employees has doubled, creating new employment opportunities for so many. This is a big part of the reason why I feel such a great significance in what I do. The fact that I can help support the livelihood of many families in India is a huge motivation. Every time I fly to India alone, I'm reminded of the enormous strength I have, that we all have, to bring everything we want to life.
Each journey is a whole world and I am happy to convey these journeys to you through our clothing. Each garment goes through many hands and souls who put intention and love into it.

Lilies speaks to all women. We deliver handmade, chic, forever wearable designs made especially for all of the brave and beautiful woman out there. Women who live life to the fullest, who are adventurous, strong, confident, curious and courageous.